We believe that Christians are meant
to be an active part of the body
of Christ. The Church is where
encouragement, spiritual growth,
and the development of spiritual
gifts occur. The Church’s purpose
is also for equipping of the saints
for the work of the ministry.
We believe that God has revealed
Himself in three distinct persons…
the Father, the source of all life;
the Son, the mediator of God’s life;
and the Spirit, the extension
of God’s life to us.
This 3-in-1 God has made us
for fellowship with Himself.
Our faith is grounded in the infallible,
inerrant, inspired Word of God.
We believe that the scriptures are
God’s revelation of Himself to us,
as well as the rule of faith,
containing all the truth necessary
for faith and Christian living.
Keystone Church is a part of the
Congregational Methodist denomination.
Congregational Methodists are conservative,
evangelical Christians in the
Wesleyan Arminian tradition.
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